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Our Orthodox education initiatives


orthodox school

The role of education, especially of children and adolescents, extends far beyond conveying knowledge and information. Schools are vehicles for passing on the moral values nourished over centuries. To engender in the hearts and minds of young people the desire for Truth, genuine morality, and love of their neighbour, country and culture is a task no smaller, and perhaps even harder, than conveying a body of knowledge.

The lay sisters and clergy of St. Elisabeth Convent are active in many educational institutions throughout Minsk. In dialogue with the students, they introduce them to the greatness of the Orthodox faith. They share their spiritual experiences and invite everyone to come to Church and take part in the Holy Sacraments.

orthodox christian school

We want every child and to be genuine, pure in the spirit and opposed to injustice. We teach the values of camaraderie, compassion, kindness, love for the homeland and respect for others, hoping that they will adopt them as their reference points in building their lives in Christ, and bear good fruit in the years to come. We project these values to the children and adults who attend our Sunday school and educational events in the community, and we teach them to the students of the private school Ichthys that we established and with which we maintain a close collaborative relationship.

The articles in this section talk about our various ministries in education, including our school Ichthys.